Woven stair carpets

Longevity and style.

Whether you live in a traditional property, a modern mews or a cosy cottage, you can count on us for a wide choice of woven stair carpets and runners that will enhance your home.

Traditionally fashioned by loom, woven carpets incorporate patterns and colours within the carpet rather than having a pattern printed on it afterwards. Good for longevity, these carpets are either pure wool or a blend of wool and robust manmade fibres, perfectly suited to areas of heavy traffic.

You might like to choose a vertical stripe which creates the illusion of space, is forgiving of wear and tear and combine it with a contemporary plain carpet in the hall. Oriental runners are also popular for wooden stairs, because they give traction, add interest and offer excellent durability.

Bear in mind the type of handrail and banister – this might be wooden, glass and wood, thick or thin, metal or baroque – since it will have an influence on your choices.

For a chat about the best way to carpet your stairs, call us on 01572 821581.

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